The Stone Carving Company

Beauty Born of Rigour

We are a small professional group that centres its activity on the carving of natural stone: a material we believe to be unparalleled in its varied beauty and natural authenticity.

We work at local and international level, involving everything from private commissions to collaboration with architects, designers and builders; always striving for the realisation of our clients’ vision.


With more than 25 years of experience as stone-cutters, sculptors and letter carvers, we take projects from conception to installation, combining discipline and creativity in equal measure; hand and mind in unison. We transform the stone so that it might in turn transform the space it so calmly occupies.


In The Stone Carving Company every piece is inevitably unique; designed in accordance with the needs, the taste and the budget of all those with whom we collaborate. While our training began in traditional carving, we also work with stone in the contemporary style, involving everything from interior design and new builds, to the fountains, benches and monuments that adorn our public spaces.


Our work marries both rigor and creativity.  We work closely with our clients to ensure the realisation of their vision, whether the original design be our own or the result of an independent commission. From inception to completion, we believe in the process and the dialogue that must accompany it.


Our aim is that stone, in its elegance and quiet dignity, should harmonise the vision of the client with the needs of the space. To our mind, the impersonal products and synthetic materials that increasingly line the shelves of shops and warehouses the world over, can quite simply never match that harmony between client, space and stone.

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