The endless possibilities of stone

Combining delicacy and durability, writing and carving in stone encompasses a wide variety of possibilities: 


- Architectural lettering: house names, numbers, branding

- Decorative & creative calligraphy

- Commemorative plaques

- Hand-carved memorials, headstones & mausoleums

- Relief carving

- Sundials, benches & any other feature requiring inscription


These are only a few examples of what we can do, so please do feel free to contact us should you have any ideas.

We believe that nothing can equal the combination of strength and finesse embodied by stone. Some of the many applications of stone masonry and ornamentation include:


  - Staircases

  - Restoration & restitution

  - Balustrades & columns

  - Fireplaces

  - Decorative stone masonry



Our stone pieces are durable, eco-friendly and soundproof, combining aesthetic beauty with functional practicality. Some applications include:


- Solid piece bathroom sinks

- Character kitchen sinks

- Distinctive & durable kitchen tops & work surfaces

- All kinds of tables

- All forms of furniture

Working together with artists, architects or garden designers we strive for installations that combine the decorative and the functional. We choose among a great variety of types and colours of stone, always in accordance with the space and the vision of our clients.  Our works include:


- Contemporary sculptures

- Monuments

- Street furniture: fountains, benches, memorials & more

- Classical sculptures made by Italian artisans

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